There are two inescapable laws of executive search:

  • the more sophisticated the need, the higher the cost of failure 
  • the more rigorous the engagement process, the lower the risk of failure

We deliver excellence, quality and speed in executive search, talent recruitment, and human capital matters, with highest degree of professional and personal integrity and business ethics.

We pool our resources to attract and assess key executives, strategic talents of the future and advise on the alignment between corporate strategy and the individual’s values.

We work as business partners with international executive search and people development company BOYDEN »The Right Leadership. Worldwise.« ™

Boc Executive

Who we are

With over 20 years of managerial experiences within the international business environment, our team offers a combination of solid business experiences and HR expertise, which strongly supports our client’s needs and ensures the delivery of high professional solutions for all your business needs and models.